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Streaming services for Korsveifestivalen

Minimal Media AS helped korsvei stream their content from Rowan Williams in England to projectors in several locations in Norway. We also filmed and streamed content from the main festival location in Seljord, to several other locations in Norway and provided online video-streaming.

Our greatest challenge was to loop the signal back to England for the live Q&A. Here is an example of one of the Q&A video-sessions between Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury in England, and Sunniva Gylver asking questions in the festival tent in Norway:

Our media team worked the cameras, streamed the signal, recorded the signal, placed overlays, routed the signal to projectors and mixed the sound for streaming in smoothly and efficiently. We did not produce the video lectures, but provided streaming of the content, and produced video that was shown live in the circus tent at the Korsvei Festival 2021.

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